Located on the banks of the mighty Missouri River, RISE OUTFITTERS is a small, family run business.  With over 10 years of full time guiding experience throughout Montana, we are true professionals.  Our goal is simple: to make you a better fly fisherman while catching some fish!  Improvement should happen every day on the water.  We pride ourselves on teaching not only on fundamentals with the fly rod, but knowledge of everything fly fishing.  Learning how to read water can be just as important as that reach cast.  Knowing the right fly to use is just as essential as the hook set.  We approach this learning process with patience and a great sense of humor.  Our vision at RISE is very clear: to provide our clients with the most enjoyable all around fishing experience possible.  Now let's go fishing!



At the age of 7, Peter Skidmore put down the spin rod and Salmon eggs, and picked up a fly rod and Elk Hair Caddis.  Watching a trout rise to that Caddis on the banks of the little Truckee River, he was hooked...line and sinker.  Fly fishing is what drove Skidmore to move to Montana.  Peter has spent the last decade guiding the rivers throughout Western and Central Montana, with the Missouri and it's rising trout as his basecamp.  Spending a day on the water with Peter gives you access to all his fishing knowledge and river insight that only comes with guiding those 160 plus days a season.